Faitic 2.0 - Universidad de Vigo



E-learning platforms at the University of Vigo corresponding to active programmes (except for Course Zero) are restricted access. The recipients are alumni enrolled in official courses of the University of Vigo, with the corresponding subject created in Faitic, or alumni enrolled in special programmes such as University of Vigo degree programmes, masters or life-long learning, for which you will have a username and password.


To connect to the platform, just have a computer with an Internet connection with a web browser. Access can be done from any computer located anywhere in the world. The University also offers a complete network of classroom Internet access (click here for the list), equipped with computers from which this connection can be made.

Access is through the website http://faitic.uvigo.es/, where you will be redirected to the desired programme.


For students the username and initial password is his/her ID number (not including the final letter of the Spanish ID or any other punctuation mark) by default . After the first connection, it is recommended to change the password on the left-side link “personal data” (an option deemed appropriate given the limited privacy of the ID card number), system takes the student to the profile edit page, where you can change your password , and add your photo and personal information.
In some cases, the user code and password can vary, which will be reliably communicated to the applicant.
It is important to include the email address you normally use since you can recover the password, if lost, or receive information from your teacher in a personalised way.


For foreign students the username and the initial password id the passport number (with letters in lower-case and without hyphens).

In the beginning of each school year, all access codes will be deleted, to be recovered in time to enroll for the new course.

Should you forget your password, the user can obtain a new one by using the link “ recover password” in which the “user” should write his/her ID number without the final letter, the e-mail address which has been activated in FaiTIC and click send. In a few minutes you will receive a new password in your e-mail account.

Course O

Special mention must be made about the 0 Course programme, intended to provide information to pre-university students, since access to this platform is free. In order to have access simply register in advance, creating an account with a username and password chosen by the student. You must then enroll in the courses you want, shown in the list grouped by faculty.


To view some content of certain courses, additional software may be required (usually free) that allows viewing of files, such as a reader of PDF files, display Flash animations (Macromedia), graphic format viewers , video or audio, etc.