Faitic 2.0 - Universidad de Vigo



Activation of subjects in Faitic2

In the new portal FaiTIC professors can activate new subjects on the POD list automatically.

In order to do this enter  the website with your access data and go to the left-side link "POD Data", in which the list of subjects of your POD should be displayed.

In a subject has not been activated in FaiTIC, there should be a link "Create in Faitic" click on it and on the next page choose the platform you wish to use, and the course it belongs to and the start and end dates. Lastly, click on the "Create subject" key.

In the case that the subject has been already activated (because another professor has requested it , for example) you will have the option "Enroll in course"

In either case you will have automatic access to the subject in the e-learning platform FaiTIC.