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What kind of advice is offered to teachers by the E-teachingService?

The E-teaching Service can advise you in two ways. First, in the technical aspects for the proper management of the platform and, secondly, in the didactic aspects concerning how to integrate technology into the educational process.

What is a learning platform?

A learning platform is an open application software that enables the development and location of a web site specifically designed for online learning, endowed with a variety and diversity of resources, both educational as well as administrative and managerial. The main teaching resources can be structured into three main groups: learning materials and systems, communication systems and resources for self-assessment (James, R., Internet and university education: the management of knowledge and learning).

While inside Tema the system logged me out, what happened?

If after a while you do not perform any task on the platform, the system can understand that you are absent, and for reasons of security, it will block the user. To regain access you need to enter your username and password on the homepage.


What should I do if I forget the username or password ?

If you do not remember your password, you can obtain a new one via the link “recover password”, where you should enter your Id number without the letter in the “user” box along with your activated FaiTIC e-mail and click send. In a few minutes you will receive a new password in your e-mail.


Another way to solve this problem is by contacting us by phone at 986811974. You can also send an email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


What does the term e-learning mean?

The incorporation of NICT( New Information and Communications Technology) with educational and training objectives has resulted in what is generically call as e-learning.

A definition of this concept, which is quite specific, is offered by a study carried out in Spain by FUNDESCO, namely that e-learning is understood as a "system of distance learning teaching, supported through ICT (technology, telecommunications networks, videoconferencing, digital TV, multimedia). It combines different pedagogical elements: the classical direct instruction (classroom or self-study), practicals, real-time contact (face to face, videoconference or chats) and deferred contacts (tutors, discussion forums, email)".


What are the technical requirements for using e-learning platforms?