Faitic 2.0 - Universidad de Vigo



In order to take full advantage of the Faitic programmes it is essential to have a good knowledge of its operation. To achieve this the E-teaching Service offers a set of manuals and guides  for teachers and students alike with both the operation of applications  and the improvement of virtualization, thus improving the efficiency of the courses.

  • Claroline manual for teachers (galician / spanish)
  • Claroline manual for students (galician / spanish)
  • Conde Vides, Juan V.; García Luna, David; García Rodríguez, Jorge; Hermiz Ramírez, Alberto; Moreno López, Juan José; Muñoz Solís, Pablo Luis; Osorio Navarro, Ana y Ramos Martínez, Humberto (2019). Manual Moodle 3.5 para el profesor. Monografía (Manual). Rectorado (UPM), Madrid.
  • Guía rápida de cuestionarios en Moodle (galician)
  • Página oficial de Documentación de Moodle en español: MoodleDocs

In addition, the service staff holds periodic talks and courses on the use of the platforms at the centres that request it. Similarly, talks on virtualization and content presentation within these platforms are also held. For upcoming lectures and courses to be held, see the news link. novedades.