Faitic 2.0 - Universidad de Vigo


Teaching Staff

The faculty of the University has access in the administrator mode to courses created by them and as a student in those registered as such.


You can access the platform from both the computer equipment that the University makes available as well as from any other located anywhere in the world with Internet access and a standard Web browser.

When a teacher's course is activated, he/she will be informed by e-mail of his/her username and password with which he/she can access the platforms of the programmes in which he/she is enrolled.

At the beginning of each course, the platforms are upgraded to the latest version available, by creating a new website on a server. With this course of action, the platform remains in its previous version with its content and users in the system but without a common access, creating the new one from scratch. Through automated procedures the information is transferred from the previous version to the new one, containing information which includes the teachers of each subject, course description, documents, questionnaires, exercises and learning sequences.

Information about students is not included, which will be entered in accordance to university enrollment. For those who enroll for the first time, information will be included from the virtual secretary, while for those already enrolled in the subject, information is obtained from the previous version of the platform, including personal information, photo, qualifications,Software, etc..



To work with specific content the computer may require specific software for displaying that content, such as an office suite (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, etc..), PDF document generator, webpage generator (Dreamweaver, Pagemaker, etc..) flash animation, etc..

Application for courses

The activation process of Faitic platform subject matter is always performed from the E-teaching Service. To apply for the activation of a new subject, the teacher must be active in the University of Vigo or belonging to one of its services.

The application may be made by filling in this form, which once completed must be sent by email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .