Faitic 2.0 - Universidad de Vigo


University staff

A set of courses and manuals for either the general training or for learning how to manage the tools or applications, called the AS programm,e are available to all staff of the University through the E-teaching Service.


Access to this program is different if done from a computer connected to the network of the University of Vigo, than if it is done from a computer outside it.

In the first case, the courses of free access will appear directly in the login page, any of which are accessible without restrictions.

If you are connecting from outside the University of Vigo, the system will request a user code and password with which you can enter the courses.

To manage a particular course as a teacher, you must have, even from the network of the University of Vigo, a username and password.

Any staff member at the University of Vigo who wishes a username and password to access as a student in this program can apply for it by sending an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Application for courses

The creation of the courses is always through the E-teaching Service.

To apply for the activation of a course in this program, you must complete and submit the following form.